Tuesday, August 19, 2008

See Tony be a hypocrite

Tony Clement is lecturing the medical community on ethical and moral standards. Yes, that Tony Clement. The Conservative. No, really. He is.

Health professionals who support Vancouver's safe injection site are unethical and immoral, federal Health Minister Tony Clement suggested on Monday.

Umm say, Tony, speaking of professional ethics and all that why’d it take you so long to sell those shares in Prudential Chem Inc.? You know, that pharmaceutical company you had a 25 per cent stake in while health minister? An industry that, as health minister, your decisions decidedly influence?

And it’s just coincidental, of course, that in February the government gave Prudential Chem owner, Vikram Khurana who Clement transferred his shares back to, an appointment to the Asia-Pacific Foundation.

Yeah, that Tony, he’s a real beacon of ethical and moral virtue. A true role model for the medical community.

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A Eliz. said...

I hope that illiterate Clement does not get in again, saying the doctors have no ethics. Maybe the 28 votes he won over the the Liberal, will start to think again.

Werner said...

Illiterate is about the size of it.

This isn't really original but you know the old saying:

"All conservatives are not necessarily stupid but most stupid people are conservatives". (J.S.Mill)

Barcs said...

"Mill believes an individual's welfare is his own concern, arguing that the sole purpose of law should be to stop people from harming others. Conversely, Mill concludes that government should not forcibly prevent people from engaging in victimless crimes such as personal drug usage."

That J.S. Mill? Did he think though the victimless crime of how someone with no money and no prospects somehow gains the money to come up with more drugs?

Is it a harm to society that people like you and me should support their habits,.. give them welfare and a place to do the drugs safely (not to mention medical care both in the safe house when they OD and out in real hospitals)... What else could we spend that money on (not to mention taxes paid by able bodied working people who aren't stoned all the time)? Real healthcare? Real treatment centers for people who want to stop? Less police resources used to combat crime related to getting the next fix = more time to protect citizens?

Maybe the 3 million needles picked up off the street in Regina and Saskatoon are just peanuts to you and not dangerous to our kids.... victimless.....

Personal drug use is only a "victimless crime" when assesed in a vacuum without taking any other variables into account outside the persons insides.

Those people would be far better off with treatment and help than with people who further enable the destruction of their lives.. not to mention their families or even people walking or living in the immediate vicinity.

"All conservatives are not necessarily stupid but most stupid people are conservatives". (J.S.Mill)

Interesting he would say that given his "personal views"

Clement might be all you say he is werner.... but I would hate to have him replaced with someone like your J.S. Mill.

Jeff said...

If you want to boil it down to tax dollars, and not consider any moral obligation we might have to our brothers and sisters (something the christian wing of the Cons might agree with), howabout the cost to the taxpayer, and society, of not investing in harm reduction and addiction treatment? Property crime, policing, imprisonment, increased medical costs. These programs save money. That's why medical professionals, the local police, social workers, AND the local residents' association all support Insite. I think I'll take their side over Tony Clement.