Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday quick takes

Let the Argos in: The taxpayers built and paid for BMO Field, so frankly, I don’t care much for the complaining of the fat cats at Maple Leaf Sports that want to keep it a soccer-only stadium. Want to keep it soccer-only guys? Reimburse the taxpayers for every dollar they invested into the facility, plus interest, or buy your share at market value, whichever is higher, and then you can do whatever the heck you want with it. Until then, if the Argos want in, I say so be it. Of course, the Argos should pay for the costs of any upgrades to accommodate football. It looks the Toronto FC wants more seats for soccer anyway, so that cost can be shared. And steps should be taken to maintain the soccer ambience. I’d like to see the Argos at BMO though, and Mayor Miller better have a good story if he tries to block them. If taxpayer dollars are going to subsidize professional sports facilities (which I believe firmly they should NOT) then we shouldn’t play favourites.

Can I have a grant too?: This story is just too funny. If anyone in the government is reading this, if you want to give me $3000 in cash I didn’t ask for and send me to Cuba for a week, and then have Ryan Sparrow make fun of me in a few months, I’m fine with that. But really, its stories like this that give lie to the “Harper/Conservatives are strategic genius” meme. Unless looking like fools is part of their master plan…

Not a leader: In a story I could have sworn I read a few months ago, the talk is again that David Emerson might run again, in a more friendly riding of course. Don’t believe your own press clippings David. Sure, you may look like the second coming at the cabinet table, but take a look around you. If he doesn’t run again though, I think we should get a head start on making-up reasons for why because, of course, the media will be turning to the Liberal Party to explain why a Conservative isn't running again. That’s just how these things work. (For reasons why NDPers aren't running again, you ask the Bloc Quebecois). Will he not run because Harper doesn’t have a real plan for the environment? Or because Harper isn’t a leader? Because he thinks the Liberals will form the next government and we’ve already told him he’s not crossing back over? The last one if my favourite, but get your votes in now to LPC Spin Central.

Not in my back sky: This story takes NIMBYism to a whole new level, so to speak. First of all, something really needs to be done about air traffic management in the New York area, it’s incredibly congested and the delays are severe. Second, interesting that it’s the wealthy neighbourhoods fighting to keep the routing over the poor neighbourhoods, when it’s far more likely to be people from those wealthy areas that are actually flying on the dammed planes.

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northwestern_lad said...

Jeff... on the BMO field thing, a few points. 1) The Argos had a chance to get in on that stadium from the start but backed out and almost killed it off before it started when they got a sweetheart lease deal from the folks at Rogers for the dome. This is hindsight on the part of the Argos, plain and simple. 2) It's not just the home of TFC, it's also the National Soccer Stadium, the CSA has a stake in it too. 3) That stadium, because it's owned by the city, already gets used tonnes by local leagues and such. It's a very busy place. The Argos will only make that worse. And 4) Toronto FC has legal rights as the primary tennant of BMO, so while the city owns the stadium, MLSE has the right to refuse another tennant. Personally, I hope that MLSE exercises that right because that's an amazing gem of a stadium right now, and I wouldn't want to see that ruined. (by the way, I'm a die-hard CFL too, so this isn't a soccer vs. CFL thing for me)

Devin Johnston said...

Another important point about BMO Field is that Major League Soccer has fairly strict guidelines mandating that all clubs are supposed to have soccer-specific stadia. Converting it to multi-purpose could cause issues for TFC's relationship with MLS, any may even be prohibited by the League's rules.

Budd Campbell said...

I think you're quite wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if Emerson does run, probably in Quadra, possibly in West Van.