Sunday, September 07, 2008

CNN: Canadian PM employs loophole in potential power grab

Didn't Stephen Harper just say something about improving Canada's standing in the eyes of the world?

Well, Canada's Back, baby! What a headline from CNN...

Canadian PM employs loophole in potential power grab

TORONTO, Canada (AP) -- Canada's prime minister dissolved Parliament on Sunday and called an early election for next month in hopes of strengthening his Conservative minority government's hold on power.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's party needs an additional 28 seats to have a majority in Parliament. Although he has downplayed that possibility, polls in recent days indicate his right wing party has a chance to do so.

The October 14 election will be Canada's third ballot in four years.

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Demosthenes said...

Wow. Pity that, from what I've seen, the Canadian media hasn't presented it in such stark terms.

How do you get beaten on that front by CNN? MSNBC I could understand, Olbermann's on fire these days, but CNN?

Skinny Dipper said...

I support Vladimir Harper.