Monday, September 29, 2008

Dion at the Burnaby Board of Trade

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Noir Novelist said...

Thanks for posting that video. I was having an existential discussion with a Buddhist Liberal on the weekend who postulated that Mr. Dion has a particular kind of Post-Modern Anti-Karma where he seems destined to take an insane amount of abuse as if he were a human piƱata and just when everyone smugly asumes he has hit rock bottom, he inexplicably and against all odds, reason or the rules of murphy's law manages to triumph.

Carrie said...

I really like Dion. I'm voting for him. BUT he's talking far too much in french outside of Quebec. Burnaby? Seriously, how many freaking french speakers are in Burnaby? I would have liked to have understood half of that.

Lastly, given what's going on in the USA and the whole world, even I - a diehard Dion and Liberal supporter - am alarmed that he has not found a way to talk about the Green Shift in relation to the world economic meltdown. He has to tell us how this is going to work in light of what's going on now. And he has to tell us his plans for Canada because we are going to take a hit.

I'm not saying this to criticize Dion or the green shift. I'm saying this because if *I* am questioning it, you can bet all the other average voters are wondering the same and nervous about voting Liberal.

This is no time to screw around. This is not a typical election. Our country AND our economy is at stake. Dion has to find a way to talk about this in the debates because you can be sure the others are going to hit him from all sides on it. I feel like he's handing the country to Harper by not addressing this and it's worrisome. Extremely worrisome.

Jeff said...

bekker, an interesting theory, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

carrie, the national media was filming at the breakfast, so he had to have some french in there for the quebec media and the viewers in quebec so they can have a clip for the news. I was at the breakfast (but didn't make the video), and the french was a small portion.

And I agree, I would like to see him reacting more directly to the news of the day, particularly the meltdown, and thus inserting ourselves into the news cycle and narrative.

burlivespipe said...

Dump the teleprompter. the second half of that segment, off-the-cuff stuff, connects. His speechifying at the start really comes across like 'professor with a lot of tenure.'