Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From the War Room: Harper's BC visit

My first blog entry from inside the War Room of the Liberal campaign in BC is now online at

War Room Blog: Stephen Harper misses the BC experience
I’m told on good authority Vancouver is a beautiful city. Alas, as my time outside our War Room at an undisclosed downtown location (Dick Cheney’s undisclosed location is around the corner) has passed mainly in the darkened hours, I’m unable to confirm the beauty of fair Vancity.

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Barcs said...

How was Dion's first visit??

oh yeah... he is in Toronto without a plane.

No wait he gets one today. Think that 79 rust bucket'll last the whole campaign? Think it will last long enough to get to BC?

How about a pool on how long it will be able to fly? You could use the proceeds to pay for the extra 20% of fuel that you will be burning more than the other campaign planes.

Jeff said...

He'll be here later in the week barcs, so I'll let you know. I can assure you this though: he will talk with at least twice as many averagr BCers as Harper did. Granted, twice two is just four, but I think we'll exceed that number. By many thousands of percent.

Oh, and I hear the plane flies not on avgas, but on puffin power.

And hope.

Archie said...

Been smoking the home grown BC pot again BCer. What I've seen and heard is that the word Liberal brings a bad taste to everyone's mouth here in BC. I think it has to do with a carbon tax. I also heard the turn outs for Dion and his fellow puffins haven't been that great in Ontario and you expect them to be good here, yea right and have another puff.

As to the plane, heard a rubber band snapped and the liberals are trying to raise the money to buy another rubber band.

Jeff said...

I never inhaled.

Which is more than I can say for you, my friend.

The Rat said...

Hey Jeff, just an honest observation (not a shot), but I haven't seen any Liberal signs in my riding or on my commute to Vancouver. None. Lots of BIG CPC signs, a few NDP "bag" signs, but no Liberal. Wassup with that?

Archie said...

I get it, you just inject. Sorry about the mistake, I forgot about the liberal support for the safe ejection sites. Also I just read about the liberal support for that convicted BC drug dealer and gangster, figures.

Rat as to the signs it's called lack of finances and the plane that was to deliver them rubber band snapped.

Jeff said...

I hear Lib signs should be up shortly. I've noticed a dearth of signs from any parties as I've been (occasionally) about town. Just a few Cons, no NDP, a few Greens.