Friday, September 12, 2008

Video: Steve and Jack, no longer so happy together

A hard-hitting video from the Liberal campaign in BC:

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Greg said...

My only criticism of the spot was using Ujjal Dosanjh. I would have gone with Heddy Fry myself. She loves a good conspiracy.

The Jurist said...

Yessiree, I'm sure Layton is quaking in his boots about comparing agreement with Harper on a procedural point completely unrelated to actual governance against the Libs' enabling of a budget, an Afghanistan extension, and everything else Harper rammed through with Dion's acquiescence over the past year.

A BCer in Toronto said...

on a procedural point completely unrelated to actual governance

Procedural point? Really?

OK then.

ch said...

There is no comparison with an open vote compared to secret meetings where Harper and Layton colluded to prevent Canadians from hearing the leader of another political party. I've found my NDP friends have quite a reaction watching the news clips and reading the stories as they have been aligned with the NDP because of how they have seen the NDP platform, not because they are anti-Green or anti-Liberal.

Demosthenes said...

Nice, but I'd carve out about 15 seconds of the Dosanjh bit, and maybe excise him entirely. Generally you don't have candidates speaking in contrast videos, except for the "approve this message" nonsense.

As for the actual point of collusion: don't listen to the trolls, it's effective. The collusion argument is the most effective one against Jack right now.

Might want to add something about "the house that Jack built" and the semi-collusion they had in 2006 to pour scorn on Martin while politely disregarding each other.