Sunday, October 05, 2008

Brake lines of Liberal supporters cut: This isn’t my Canada

Some of us take our politics more seriously than others but I think we all agree that, no matter what our political views may be, everyone who gets involved, whether its taking a lawn sign or volunteering on a campaign, is doing their own bit, in their own way, to make Canada a better place. I have friends of many different political persuasions, and I know they’d all be disturbed about incidents like this:

Toronto police patrolled a midtown area overnight, after vandals cut brake lines on at least 10 cars parked at homes with Liberal election signs on their lawns.

"We're investigating. Officers are paying special attention to the designated area and we take this very seriously," Staff-Sgt. Shawn Meloche, from 53 Division, said last night. "This is a danger to life as well as to property. Regardless of the motivation – and there appears to be a connection (to the signs) – this is a public safety issue."

Affected residents live in the riding of St. Paul's, in a swath of the city around Eglinton Ave. between Bathurst St. and Mount Pleasant Rd., and had Carolyn Bennett signs on their property. Although Meloche confirmed 10 cases of vandalism last night, Liberal riding headquarters said the number was going up, reporting 14 by 9 p.m.
This isn’t just vandalism. In my view, its almost akin to attempted murder. It’s extremely dangerous. This kind of spineless and cowardly attack is unacceptable in Canada. And, sadly, it’s not an isolated incident. There were similar incidents against Liberal supporters last month in Guelph, during the aborted by-election campaign:
The escalation in Guelph is dramatic. Last night, over night, someone, or some group, went to all parts of the city vandalizing homes with Liberal party by-election signs out front. Houses were spray painted with slogans on the brickwork, garage, doors, and windows. But worse, much worse, is the fact that these cowards keyed the cars in the driveways with 'L' and cut the brake lines in the cars in the driveways. At least six cars are known to have had their brake lines cut. This is wreck less endangerment. Disabling the brakes on cars is a direct threat to life and limb and is way beyond the realm of acceptability.
This a very dangerous phenomenon. 14 brake lines cut in one night in Toronto. Six in one night in Guelph. This isn’t one or two crazies. It seems to be an organized campaign to threaten and intimidate Liberal supporters into silence. And that is something that should concern anyone that values free and open democratic debate.

I hope the police investigate these cases vigorously and forcefully, and I hope the cowards behind these incidents are caught and exposed. And I hope to hell they’re not associated with any political party. I would hate to think that is what my Canada has come to.

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Anonymous said...

"Brake" please.

Jeff said...

Arghh. Thanks, Dana.

Carrie said...

For the first time ever, I'm getting more involved in this election. Sadly, when the news came out about Guelph, I was too afraid to put up a sign. But I did do some volunteer light work for my Liberal candidate. First time in my life I've ever been this involved.

If I wasn't disabled and could withstand the stress and worry of having a sign, I'd have the biggest one I could get on my lawn. But I just can't risk it.

I'm looking at Harper and Layton supporters for this. The fact that neither of them has spoken out against these crimes speaks volumes. Harper and Layton have created a culture of hate and divisiveness amongst Canadians which I find very disturbing. It's bad enough to have Harper act the way he does. But for Layton to be in collusion with him has ruined any respect or good thought I ever held for the NDP.

Because of all this, if there were ever ever a time in the future when I couldn't vote Liberal (and I always vote Liberal) the only other party I would choose would be Green. It used to be the NDP, but Layton has made it very clear he's not concerned with Canada or all Canadians. Whereas Elizabeth May and Stephane Dion are there for all of us. Layton and Harper need to retire from politics and take their hate elsewhere.

Sorry but I'm really upset about all that's gone on for the past couple of years in Canadian politics. And I hold Layton more responsible first, with Harper a close second.

Woman at Mile 0 said...

I am sickened and saddened by this. The political process is for everyone to participate in and no one should feel threatened for their choice. I hope they catch these guys quick.