Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Stéphane Dion in B.C. for round three

Stéphane Dion has just made his third visit to Battleground British Columbia. He spent yesterday on Southern Vancouver Island, a region where support has been growing strongly for the Liberal Party and where we hope to make strong gains on October 14th with Briony Penn, Anne Park Shannon and Keith Martin.

This morning, I got up bright and early to attend a breakfast rally at Science World with Dion, where he was flanked by his Lower Mainland candidates and was introduced by Justin Trudeau, the Liberal candidate for Papineau.

For the early hour the crowd at Science World was large and boisterous, I'd say a few hundred ardent Liberals easily came out to see the leader. After a spirited introduction from Justin, Stéphane outlined why the Liberal plan for the economy is the right one, particularly compared to the Don't Worry, Be Happy approach of the Conservatives. Afterward the media and Dion moved outside for a media availability with downtown Vancouver in the background, one of the nicest backdrops you'll ever see.

Below are some photos from the Science World event, and video from Dion's "rock n' rally" last night in Victoria, courtesy Woman At Mile 0.

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Olaf said...


Not criticizing, just asking: isn't young Trudeau in a pretty tight race in Papineau, or is it assumed he has it wrapped up? Does it make sense that he's in BC during the last week of the campaign?

Jeff said...

I don't know Olaf, I hear the race is tight in Papineau and he has been sticking close to home for much of the campaign, but he as close ties to BC having taught here so I think we wanted to at least make a quick trip to the left coast to help the team out here.

burlivespipe said...

Don't forget the long ties via the Sinclair family. He no doubt has relatives and friends, along with a fawning group of groupies -present company excluded.