Monday, November 17, 2008

A Message from Martha

An e-mail from Martha Hall Findlay. I sent her and a few of the other former leadership candidates $25 towards their leadership debts last week. If you'd like to help them out too you can click here, scroll down to "Former Leadership Candidate Donations" and select the candidate/s of your choice. Every little bit helps:

Dear friends and supporters,

As many of you now know, I will not be a candidate in the upcoming campaign for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. It was a hard decision, and I have been humbled by the support and encouragement so many have shown. I thank you all.

In early 2006 when I announced I would run for the leadership of the Liberal Party, most people thought I was, to say the least, idealistic. I wasn't yet an MP, and very few people knew me or what I stood for. But that "Big Red Bus" campaign made a difference. And although I initially balked at being labeled "a woman" in the race, I became immensely proud of what my being there meant to so many girls and women who now feel inspired to step up and participate.

The encouragement to run again this time has been extraordinary, but the circumstances have changed. I am now the MP for Willowdale and that must be my first priority. But I also had to look seriously at my chances of winning. One of the unfortunate realities of politics is the importance of money. I still have debt from the 2006 campaign, largely because last year we focused all our effort and resources on what became a long (and expensive) 5-month by-election in Willowdale, followed closely by the recent general election.

It was clear that I could not start a new leadership campaign without first having repaid the debt from the last one.

I am writing now to ask for your help, and the help of everyone who told me how much it meant to them that I participated in the 2006 leadership.

$10, $20, $50 --- any donation is greatly appreciated. If you can contribute more, remember that because of the tax credit, a $400 donation will cost only $100.

Click here to make a credit card contribution. Contributions by cheque, payable to "LPC for the Martha Hall Findlay Campaign", can be sent to PO Box 69522, 5845 Yonge St., Willowdale, ON, M2M 4K3.

This is also a team effort. Please forward this appeal to friends and colleagues, let them know that you’ve contributed, and that it would mean something to you if they contributed also. Even small donations, multiplied, can make a big difference.

In the meantime, I look forward to working hard to represent the people of Willowdale, to being strong in the House of Commons, to raising the level of respect and civility in our political discourse, and, of course, to continuing what we started in 2006 --- real renewal. Revitalization of the Liberal Party from the grassroots. Encouraging others to participate. Bringing back a sense of pride, optimism and purpose, not just for Liberals but for ALL Canadians, in ALL parts of this country of immense opportunity and promise. We can do it, together.

Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and support.

Martha Hall Findlay

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Francesco said...


I received the same e-mail from Martha this afternoon, and will make a donation as well. I also encourage all liberals that have the means to do as well. This has to be a grass roots process and getting the candidates out of debt - has to be a priority for everyone.

MississaugaPeter said...


I can assure you that GK appreciates your support. The last time you and Scott and a few others (I am sorry for not mentioning you by name) made the appeal to help out, there was a good response.

Jeff said...

I agree francesco, and glad to hear it helped oeter.