Monday, December 29, 2008

Conservative fiscal priorities

Remind me again how much the Conservatives felt it was important to save by ending the public financing of political parties? And in the mean time, read this story:

The Conservative government has decided that U. S. aerospace giant Sikorsky will not have to pay $36-million in late penalties even though the maritime helicopter it is building for the Canadian Forces is being delivered two years late.
Oh, and the amount that the government would have saved by axing public political subsidies was $30 million. Apparently sticking a shiv in your political opponents is more important than upholding the contractual obligations of government suppliers.

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penlan said...

The Cons love giving money to the U.S., not taking any though. Just think of the billion $ they gave them with the softwood lumber deal they signed a few, short years ago.

Barcs said...

Aside from the obvious fact that a 36 mill cap means late fees are capped at 1 year... so there is no real incentive to bother them about extending the period to 5 years late if they feel like fulfilling other contracts instead....

Aside from that.... I really wish the media would do some actual reporting, some actual journalism.

"There is a new deal.... and we don't know anything about it really, and we phoned a guy and he didn't care to spend a week to fill us in on every facet of the deal.... so we are just gonna run a story on the late fees and tuck some rumors we heard into the end of it."

Is that really the intellectual level,... really the work ethic of the national media in Canada??

No wonder noone cares much when the national media puts out their stories... the tabloids do a better job of investigating,...