Monday, December 01, 2008

Duffy: Liberal caucus united behind Stéphane Dion

From moments ago, Mike Duffy reporting on CTV Newsnet:

Mike: Well, I've just had a word from across the street at the Liberal caucus, which is still underway, but it's about to break up. Stephane Dion met with Bob Rae, Michael Ignatieff and Dominic Leblanc this morning. He showed them the terms of the deal that he, Mr. Dion's staff and he had been working on with the NDP.

They agreed that the terms were good and they went to the Liberal caucus, where they – we are told unanimously said that they support Mr. Dion in being the leader and in this deal going ahead he will be the Prime Minister on an interim basis until the liberal convention in Vancouver in May and that they're going to write a letter to the Governor-General telling her that the opposition parties no longer have confidence in the government and that they've all agreed that Stephane Dion is the man and that there are terms of an arrangement that would guarantee political stability over the next two and a half years. Liberal-ndp coalition with the bloc on the outside but offering their support for a period of 30 months so that the new government can get into place.

Just repeating that, the three liberal leadership contenders met, Stephane Dion this morning, saw and we are told approved of the terms of the arrangement with the NDP. They then took that message to the Liberal caucus, which will break any minute now, but undoubtedly, that will be the word coming out, the next step is to send the message to the Governor-General who is overseas but essentially it all turns on the opposition parties defeating the government on the vote a week from today.

Scott: Mike, does this handcuff the Liberal leadership liberal leadership candidates in any way?

Mike: We're not clear. Obviously the liberal leadership race will go ahead. We are not clear whether or not members -- whether Mr. (Rae) and Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Leblanc will have roles as cabinet ministers or whether they will be free to campaign. I think the view early this morning was that Mr. Rae thought you could. I think Mr. Ignatieff had a slightly different view, ie, that it would be better not to be in cabinet, so they would be free full-time to cross the country and meet liberal delegates. So that part isn't clear yet, Scott, but as soon as they come out I'm sure we'll get an answer to that question as well.

Liberal caucus just about to wrap up but as i say, the interim deal approved by the three leadership candidates -- and they've brought their endorsement of Stephane Dion as the new Prime Minister of Canada to the Liberal caucus meeting now underway.

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Jacques Beau Vert said...


I swear on a copy of Fifth Business that as soon as I started to read this, Jeff -- Yoda's Theme from ESB shuffled onto iTunes. A sign????? I'm not much for Dion's leadership, but I have total faith in his sincerity and honesty. If this coalition is to go through, I prefer him as PM. MI/Rae/LeBlanc should all go to the convention as candidates.

I identify with Dion in a few ways -- it'd be very cool to see him as PM, as cool as it was Harper.

Jacques Beau Vert said...

Wow, I just read it!!!!! WOW!!!!!

Oldschool said...

This is about eastern power . . . the libs have drank the cool-aid . . . this was all set up shortly after the election, looney Jack played a large role . . . libs true colors are showing, they are true SOCIALISTS.
Election in January . . . conservative sweep!!!!!
Libs looking like the traitors they are, imagine getting in bed with the block!!!! Sooooo crazy!!!
Watch the dollar and the stock market . . . seems the business community just loves the 3rd world politics!!!
Deficits be damned . . . yes we can spend our way to prosperity . . . just look at the US . . . soon to be bankrupt with a 50 cent dollar and 30% unemployment.

Andrew P. said...

CBC is also reporting this

Steve V said...

Oh, oldfool, back under the bridge, and try some new meds.

Ted Betts said...

One observation about the coalition that no one else has mentioned is that the coalition, unlike any of the political parties, would have MPs from every single province and territory and therefore is much more representative of Canadians, in addition to representing the majority of votes across the country.

Jeff said...

Jason, could you please post your response to oldschool again without the derogatory term for gay people? Thanks.

oldschool, i agree, surely this is the beginning of the end of days. Surely the rapture is nigh however, so the righteous will soon be beamed to heaven, spared from the carnage this loony communist trokia is about to unleash upon the earth.

Ted Betts said...

Wrote too soon. The coalition would represent Canadians in all provinces and two of the three territories (the one Nunavut MP is Conservative).

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...


Maybe this will all come to naught, but tell me I'm not the only Dionista who had some fluff coincidentally get in his eyes upon hearing this news and inexplicably got a bit teary-eyed. From rat to Kutuzov, it's been a long hard slog. Bless his heart.

Ted Betts said...

Anybody doubting that Bourque will sell his headlines to the highest bidder, or that the Cons are very very desperate right now, just need to visit right now. All of the classic low-ball Conservative attack lines conveniently ignoring the articles he links to and put into the headline:

- Calling Dion a French citizen
- saying Canada will be at Duceppe's mercy
- calling it a coup
- making up polling numbers about Layton selling out Canada
- calling it "Faust's deal with the devil"

Seems to me that Bourque neglected one or two of talking points the Conservatives circulated over the weekend, but maybe he thinks that makes him look more objective?