Sunday, December 07, 2008

More Michael Ignatieff in the media

Michael Ignatieff speaks to reporters on Thursday, following the Liberal caucus meeting:

Michael Ignatieff on CTV's Mike Duffy Live on Friday:

Michael Ignatieff on CTV's Question Period today:

In The Daily Gleaner on Saturday:

"Mr. Harper's only chance for survival is to split the Liberal Party of Canada," Ignatieff said in his first significant interview since Ottawa's descent into a constitutional crisis.

"He will try to drive a wedge between us, and he will not succeed. Our party is united in its determination to face Mr. Harper down."

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burlivespipe said...

Okay, i've seen enough. His interview on QP today has convinced me to come aboard. Ignatieff appears to be the only one who gets it -- that what's in the best interest of Canada is in the best interest of Liberals, not the other way around.
For that, we must always present ourselves as ready to be the government, and not present ourselves only as part of a disjointed, awkward collection.
That said, I think those of you who 'picked' Dion should be given a behind-the-doors gentle paddlin... This isn't the stonecutters, you know!

Mike said...

"I respect Mr. Manley, I think his contribution (the Globe op-ed) is a useful one"
on CTV's Question Period this morning. Otherwise good performance, but that riled me and should you as well given your post on how "unManley" John's contribution really was. Yes I know he followed up with "I don't think it would be appropriate for anyone in caucus to join Mr. Manley's call" but still.

It would be nice to see at least one leadership candidate call Manley out but I'd be just as disappoitned to see Rae/LeBlanc say Manley made a useful contribution. If they have pls feel free to note that as well.

Jeff said...

Mike, while I would have liked to have seen him more forcefully call-out Manley I can understand why as a leadership candidate he'd want to be tempered in his comments.

Manley attacking the party in public was wrong, so would be Michael attacking Manley in public. Party leaders such as them should air their differences in private, not in the media. Mi calling out Ma would be two wrongs not making a right. That said, I wouldn't have made the useful contribution comment.

Anyway, thankfully, I'm not constrained by such considerations. UnManley!

burl, I too want Harper gone but I think we need to be careful to be seen as acting in the best interests of Canada, and not as merely being hungry for power. It's a fine line, and I think Michael is charting a better course in that regard than some others.