Saturday, January 31, 2009

NATO chief Peter McKay?

Word is Jim Flaherty and Jim Prentice have already chipped-in to buy him a one-way plane ticket, and Lisa Raitt has offered to help him pack.

OTTAWA — Would Defence Minister Peter MacKay drop his political career in Canada for the perks of a top diplomatic post with NATO in Brussels?

Mr. MacKay is being floated as a potential candidate for secretary-general of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance, a high-profile international role, although experts say it's probably a long shot.

Gee, I feel safer already.

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Jim Parrett said...

Get back to BC. Feel free.

CT said...

You sure Elizabeth isn't also pitching in for that one-way ticket?

Mala Fides said...

And while we are at putting the dimwit McKay up for the Nato leadership, why don't we make some efforts to have Raitt takeover the Director Generalship of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Maybe while international nuclear incidents are happening, she can make announcements about solar energy!!!

I have to admit that except for the international embarrassment of having these morons step up to the world stage there is a net benefit for Canada to get them the hell off the levers of control here at home.

Good luck Pete, make sure you take your neighbour's dog, your rubber boots and your pitchfork with you to Brussels. I am sure you are going to be a huge hit with the locals there.

Chrystal Ocean said...

Well at least that's one way to get rid of McKay!

Adam M said...

At least this is a convenient and all-around acceptable way to get Peter MacKay out of Stephen Harper's site. Probably the best thing to happen to Stephen Harper all week.

And it means the Conservative Party gets to actually acknowledge MacKay's presence!

I wonder if Elizabeth May could pick up his seat... mwahahaha