Saturday, January 03, 2009

Signs your "national newspaper" is in trouble

You've decided to stop stocking the vending box outside of Union Station, one of the (if not the) busiest commuter/pedestrian hubs in the largest city in the country (snapped this afternoon):

I've of mixed feelings. The politico side of me dislikes the Post for its political leanings, and wouldn't mourn its demise. The journalist side of me likes the Post for the simple fact that it employs journalists, something organizations are doing less and less of these days, and would therefore mourn its demise.

Either way, get that box out of there, because that's just embarrassing.

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Gayle said...

I would not call Jonathon Kay a journalist - but that's just me.

Jeff said...

Well, I didn't say they ONLY employ journalists...

Northern PoV said...

I rarely read a physical newspaper these days but before the web was so user-friendly and free, I loved to devour paper news-papers.

Back when the Post was launched they were wonderful days. I rarely agreed with their slant, but they said it so creatively. They published a great paper and soon had the G&M playing catch-up. Thank you Conrad!

I especially liked reading the Globe front page right next to the Post. In terms of which stories made it to those pages (often very different) and when they featured the same topics - how differently they were presented. It was like the two papers came from different parallel universes.

The current N. Post ain't worth sending to the outhouse to use as you-know-what.

Mr McKinnon said...

They got rid of them in a many places. They even got rid of the Toronto Star boxes on my street

Jim Parrett said...

From a TO guy in BC. I say, love your newspaper but don't lay down for the right wing journalists who dominate this country. Unlike the States, our national newspaper boxes and doctor's offices are filled with Conservative agenda journalists. Let's take a survey of our national media:

National Post
Globe and Mail
Sun media

OK. CBC is left leaning. That leaves the rest. Do we really want right-leaning jounalists dominating our political discourse and culture?

Perhaps it is time for a house cleaning. Let's not let our journalists become the Judith Millers of the world. We deserve a free and fair press. We have a monopoly of right wingers instead. Get rid of the fat and let us read the truth.

RuralSandi said...

The first newspaper in North America was started in Quebec City 400 years ago - it was "the voice of the people".

We don't have journalists anymore - opinions, opinions, opinions.

I won't buy a newspaper that is really biased because I want facts, not political leaning view/opinions.

There are three truths: my truth, your truth and the truth.
- Chinese Proverb