Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Random thoughts on Blue Jays opening might

Went to the Blue Jays season opener last night at Skydome, a game Toronto won 12-5 over the Detroit Tigers. Here's a few random thoughts.

* Surprise, surprise, concession prices are jacked-up for 2009. A hot dog and a coke cost me $9.50. The dog looked smaller than previously too. The breakdown? 591ml bottled pop: $4.50, and hot dog $5. Yes, $5!! Wish I'd had time to pack a sandwich. Tonight, and every Tuesday, the Jays are having "recession-buster" prices with hot dogs at $1. You know, I bet they still make money at $1. The mob would kill for that kind of mark-up.

* Every Blue Jay gets to pick the song that gets played over the PA when they come to bat. Usually it's a bump you up rock song. Third baseman Scott Rolen's song this year? Coldplay's Viva La Vida. A song I love by the way, but has Scott listened to the lyrics? A very odd choice for an at-plate song. Is he trying to send us a message?

* What a night for Adam Lind. Six RBIs, including a moster 420-foot home run to straight-away centre field. That was a nice shot.

* Why does opening might always bring out the drunken idiots? Tossing paper airplanes onto the field is one thing -- stupid, but harmless. But I counted at least two, and maybe three, baseballs thrown onto the field DURING play, almost leading to confusion over which was the in-play ball. The Jays dammed near forefitted the game, a game we were leading by 7 runs in the 8th, because of these idiots. I hope they got identified and banned from the stadium.

* Why do so many Torontonians always come out for opening night, and then not go to another game all year? There was 49k and change there last night. Tonight there will be maybe 15k, and that's even before the no-beer thing. What's the deal, Toronto? Maybe if they turned off the lights and showed a boring 20 minute video montage before EVERY game it would help?

* On paper, I like the Jays batters, and I like the Jays defensively. We have solid position players in nearly every slot, and a lot of offensive capability if everyone plays to their capabilities. It's only one game, but if last night is any indication we're in good shape offensively. Particularly with the younger players stepping up.

* The weakness this year for the Jays is pitching, particularly the starting rotation. I feel fine about the bull pen. Roy Halladay, of course, is a rock, and despite a shaky 7th last night (and it is the first game of the season) gave us six solid innings. But with the departure of AJ Burnett, and with Shaune Marcum and Dustin McGowan gone for the year to injury, after Halladay the rotation is unproven and untested. If some of these guys like David Purcey and Scott Richmond can have break-out years like MacGowan and Marcum did not that long away, then we can make some noise. If not, we'll need a lot of offence and a lot of help from the bullpen.

* Of course, even if the Jays put a run together, they're cursed to play in the most competitive division in baseball, the AL East. It's pretty long odds to the wild card. But. hey. At least for today, we're tied for 1st.

Go Jays!

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