Friday, May 29, 2009

From the own-ad hating Conservative files...

The latest high-profile Conservative to speak-out against their nasty negative attack ads is Luc Harvey, who will soon have lots of company as a former Conservative MP from Quebec:

Luc Harvey, the only Conservative to lose a seat in the federal election, says his party isn't doing enough to explain to voters what's being done to address the economic crisis.

"That leaves the opposition with the opportunity to define the government," said Harvey, now a business owner.

Some of the money poured into an expensive ad campaign aimed at softening Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's numbers might have been better directed at selling Conservative policy in Quebec, Harvey said.

"The Conservative party has ads to try and define Michael Ignatieff, but on the other hand they let the opposition define the government on policy, and I think right now the opposition is more effective than the ads, at least in Quebec."

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RuralSandi said...

Charles Adler, conservative big mouth radio talk show host (Limbaugh of the north)and friend of Mike Duffy rants again about Ignatieff. Adler feels he can decide who's Canadian enough?

Charles Adler is a Hungarian born broadcaster who was only a two year old when he was whisked out of Hungary in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution.[citation needed] Charles grew up in Montreal, where he started his broadcast career while attending Vancouver University.[citation needed] After a stint at Radio McGill, Charles became a producer at CKGM (AM) in Montreal in the summer of 1973. From there his love affair with radio grew. He first turned on a professional microphone in the winter of 1974, when he hosted a weeknight rock show at CKXL in Calgary. Within the year he was back in Montreal working at CJAD (AM). Fifteen years later he was back in Calgary, launching a talk show called Hot Talk. In 1996 he launched a television show,Adler on Line, based in Boston and a year later Adler received an Emmy award for Best Host in New England. 1996 saw him returning to Canada to host the Charles Adler Show on CFRB (AM). Two years later he was back in Western Canada, hosting "Adler on Line" on CJOB-Winnipeg. In 2004 Corus Radio launched Adler as a national host. Adler on Line airs on 14 radio stations. In 2001 Adler was the debut host on Global Sunday a national Sunday night show. In the U.S. he has substituted on occasion for Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes. Adler is also a weekly guest on CHCH-TV's Live at 5:30pm with Mark and Donna. He also contributes frequently as a pundit on CTV's Canada AM and Mike Duffy Live. Adler blogs regularly for the National Post