Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Conservative support in Quebec at its lowest since 2005: Leger

A new Quebec-only poll released today by Leger for Le Devoir shows the Conservatives trailing the NDP in Quebec, polling at their lowest levels in the province since 2005. The Liberals are down slightly (within the margin) and are now tied with the BQ in the province.

The numbers:

Liberals: 35%
BQ: 35%
NDP: 15%
Con: 11%

The translated analysis from Leger:

The slide began in an election campaign last fall to increase this spring, says the analyst Christian Bourque, L├ęger Marketing. "Two factors have contributed to the fall of the Conservatives in Quebec," notes M. Bourque. The first is an image problem, fueled by several events during the election campaign, including planned cuts in the culture. The second factor is the economic crisis.

"Harper repeated throughout the campaign that everything was fine and that Canada was immune to the crisis.That plays against him now."
And more from Steve, naturelment.

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1 comment:

rockfish said...

Now if only Harper could work that same magic here in BC...