Friday, June 12, 2009

Conservatives insist they don't have to protect Canadians

From the stories that may have fallen through the cracks during a busy week of political shenanigans but still deserve attention file, we see the Conservative Party of Canad(ians we like) is still insisting it has the right to pick and choose which of our citizens it will care about, the law be dammed:

Despite its recent defeat on the issue in the Federal Court of Canada, the Conservative government has rebuffed the UN Human Rights Council and reasserted its "case-by-case" approach to seeking clemency for Canadians facing execution in foreign countries.

The decision was denounced Monday by Liberal MP Dan McTeague, the party's consular affairs critic, as the latest reflection of the government's "bloodthirsty, revenge-seeking" ideology on crime and punishment.

In March, the UN council issued its period review of Canada's human rights record and recommended -- at the urging of delegates from Denmark and the Netherlands -- that this country "consider reinstating the policy of seeking clemency for all Canadian citizens sentenced to death in other countries."

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1 comment:

Ted Betts said...

Well, since they also claim to be the ones who get to decide who is "Canadian enough" to serve our country or run in politics, one could say their arrogance is at least consistent.