Monday, June 08, 2009

More on Raitt tapes from Toronto Star

The Toronto Star has posted a story on the possibly embarrassing tapes alleged to be of embattled Natural Resources minister Lisa Raitt.

Particularly interesting, the Star reports not only does someone want the tapes kept secret, but the person seeking the injunction also wants THEIR OWN IDENTITY kept secret. That seems to me a pretty unusual request, one the judge will need to weigh very closely against the public's right to know.

Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Gerald Moir is sitting in an emergency hearing to hear arguments on an injunction motion by the as-yet unnamed applicant who is also seeking an order of confidentiality or publication ban. Such an order could block any publication of the identity of the applicant seeking to stop the newspaper from publishing, said spokesman John Piccolo.

An order of confidentiality, if granted, could also potentially seal the exhibits or entire file, he said.
The case is due to be heard in a Halifax court this afternoon.

I'm on a train now on my way to Ottawa, and I plan to attend question period this afternoon. It occurs to me any injunctions might not apply under the privlege of the Commons chamber. What say you, legal eagles?

Either way, an interesting day shaping up...

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sjw said...

How on earth does a judge say no to this? I mean really, the mad litigation tendencies of this government is going beyond bizarre.

Unknown said...

I wonder if she referred to herself as an American. Now that would be embarrassing.