Monday, June 01, 2009

(Video) The biggest deficit in Canadian history? Priceless

Spent a little time with my video editing software over the weekend, and with apologies to the folks at MasterCard, I bring you these two videos on the "priceless" Conservative deficit.

I'm envisioning a series with two new facts at the top of each spot, so if you have any ideas for future spots please let me know.

And enjoy.

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penlan said...


Canajun said...

Great videos.

RuralSandi said...

Excellent - and the best thing is they are "factual" and not some childish BS.

Well done.

I've received my 15th - 10 percenter (as of last Thurs). There must be some sort of limit to this and I wonder what it's costing taxpayers. 15 in less than 5 months - a little much don't you think?

Big Winnie said...


This may be a little off topic, but awhile ago, Carol Hughes (NDP) rose in Members Statements and mentoned that Espanola submitted a request for fundng for water/sewer line upgrades but was refused (after following the procedures).

A CON MP from Brantford got up either the day before/after the NDP member got up and announced that Brantford had been given mney to upgrade its arena.

I don't know if you could use this but it certainly pi**ed me off.

Unknown said...

Well Done Jeff! Keep them coming and be sure to share your links with Party Brass through the new site.