Friday, June 12, 2009

(Video) Stephen Harper is writing a book on hockey

For a little fun on Friday before what's sure to be an eventful week next week, here's a fun little video on that book on hockey that Stephen Harper has been insisting for many years now that he really is totally writing so I must be normal and average and just like you and not a cold uncaring right-winger so please like me.

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Ted said...

He hasn't written much. He's been too busy reading all of Ignatieff's books and articles to have any time for writing his own book, let alone any time to actually get any stimulus "out the door".

penlan said...

Hi Jeff, The video won't load. Never had this problem before at your site.

A BCer in Toronto said...

YouTube seems to be having issues at the moment. Id imagine it should be working again later.

penlan said...

Ok. Working now. :)

crf said...

Writing a book. Good idea. He needs at least one positive thing to put on his resume, since his performance as PM has been horrid.

Before becoming PM, he hadn't accomplished much in his life, as far as I tell. (What work has he done as an "economist": he keeps saying he is one ... don't you think he'd write on a subject in which he continually claims expertise?)

What a simple little fraud this man is.