Monday, September 14, 2009

New Liberal ad continues positive message

I'm catching up on things after a weekend without Web access. And ironically, while I spent the weekend at a meeting of the LPC's Ontario wing in Ottawa, I'm just getting a chance to see the newest English tv ad the Liberals released on the Web yesterday:

It's another piece with Michael Ignatieff looking friendly and trustworthy, talking big and broad about the jobs of tomorrow. He does note that nearly 500,000 jobs have been lost over the last year, which could be seem as a subtle dig at the Harper Conservatives I suppose.

If you didn't like the first ad, you won't be a fan of this one either. But then again, if you're reading this blog, you're probably not part of the target audience. I think one of Taber's anonymous senior Liberals explained it well enough:

But a Liberal strategist says the ads are not aimed at the 18 per cent, mostly politicos, who know him. Rather, they are trying to hit the 82 per cent who haven't been introduced to him.

“They may not be sexy,” the strategist says. He dismisses the partisans who want the ads to be more edgy.

“He [Mr. Ignatieff] is talking for the first time to Canadians who are, hopefully, seeing him in their living rooms. They have never had the opportunity [to meet him] … the first thing you don't want to hear from him is you have an evil [person] for a Prime Minister.”

Meanwhile, the Conservatives respond with an unimaginative and hastily-done rejig of their stale attack ads from the spring. I doubt people are particularly paying attention at the moment, but it is an interesting contrast.

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