Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Funny: Jack borrows Steve's Timmies play

Not only is the NDP voting/abstaining with the Stephen Harper Conservatives, Jack Layton is now taking a page from their press conference playbook with this Thunder Bay event tomorrow:

THUNDER BAY, Ont. _ Federal NDP leader Jack Layton holds news conference on HST. (4 p.m. at Tim Hortons, 110 Waterloo St at Victoria Ave.)
Like Blue Conservative father, like Orange Conservative son? Next think you know, Stephen Harper will grow a very classy and modern mustache. Or maybe it could be, as was suggested on Twitter, payback for that fetching orange tie that Harper wore during question period a few weeks ago.

Clearly, though, Michael Ignatieff is falling behind quickly in this war of coffee house pandering. I think the pointy-shoe, loud-colour-wearing kids in the OLO will be up late tonight plotting a strategic response.

Do they quickly send Michael to the nearest Timmies, even if it's one of those express ones inside an Esso? Or, maybe, rather than fighting on the now crowded Timmies battlefield, do they try to seize Coffee Time or Second Cup in a pincher movement?

It's tempting, but surely they'll remember their Von Clausewitz.

In Canada, Tim Hortons in the schwerpunkt!

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Ted Betts said...

I take it that the "drive through" sign is Layton's message to Harper's government.

Ti-Guy said...

Stop. You're upsetting Leftdog.

Anonymous said...

I really love the "better than thou" Liberals getting after Layton for supporting the Conservatives ONCE while they have been supporting them for what??? 72 times in the last couple of years?

Please explain to me what the difference is between the current NDP and the Liberals of the past few years.

CanadianSense said...

MI does not do "common touch", possibly a small Yorkville bistro.

Will he pull back the threats to topple the government?

Do you really believe it is the wisest policy or are you NOT allowed free thought?

Jeff said...

or are you NOT allowed free thought?

I don't know, I'll ask The Leader if I am or not and then I'll get back to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez. the common touch slam.

I know Stevie's obviously likes his meals, but when was the last time he grabbed a timbit when the cameras weren't rolling?

CanadianNonSense, if you pull your head out of your ass every once in a while, your world won't smell as bad.

CanadianSense said...


thank you.

How many whipped votes do you predict before the 77 MP break ranks?

The NDP, Bloc, CPC appear to have tighter control.

lighten up, MI was born with a silver spoon.

Bob Rae is much better in expressing common touch. I don't think the public buy "sweater" Stevie or "Tough-guy" McGuinty etc.

Each leader should play to their strengths and NOT try to something they are NOT.

J.C. played small town scrapper well. Trudeau brilliant S.O.B. etc.

Greg said...

Has Iggy ever been into a Tim Horton's? Seriously.

Jeff said...


Why would you feel the need to add "seriously" to your question? It's unnecessary, I've clearly never heard a more serious question in my life, Greg.

Jeff said...



Gayle said...

"Please explain to me what the difference is between the current NDP and the Liberals of the past few years."


And how did the NDP conduct themselves vis a vis the LPC in those past two years?

Please tell me what is different about what the LPC are doing now.

I see CS is borrowing his talking points from Coyne.

I wonder if all the harper supporters can tell us what they think of the current CPC strategy to demonize all educated people as being "out of touch" wiht the "common man", and how educated people should have no say in how the country is run.

Gayle said...

I know the number one quality I want from a PM is that he has ever set foot in a Tim Hortons. There is no better way to prove you are "in touch" with Canadians than by having a media conference in Tim Hortons.

CanadianSense said...


the NDP were wrong back than to mock the Liberals for supporting the Liberals (x79 votes) and refusing to read the policies on a case by case basis.

The CPC are wrong IF they did attack everyone as you claim.

The CPC are attacking the Liberals for not cooperating and voting non-confidence.

I have read several Press Releases from the Liberal Party.

They are trying without success trying to sell their talking points.

The IMF and leading economists are refuting their negative views.

The strategy of dividing groups in Canada by the Liberals is a long tradition.

They tried the wafer catholic "insult" and failed.

"" with Canadians who might suffer from incontinence (Harper bathroom late photo ops)

"" bodybags,Tim Hortons,Olympic logo....

the list goes on by the Liberals who try to create a crisis.

Are you suggesting MI is a typical Canadian with a common touch?

His Rosedale Gang of advisors and their strategy against the wishes of his own MP's?

Please list the MP's who agree with calling an election?

(Posturing in the HOC, does not count, list specific articles or news stories with their rationale)


Not all Liberals are out of touch. The leadership and the games are reflected in the Polls. Historic lows during a global recession in opposition.

Gayle you forget I voted Liberal for a very long time and many of my friends and family have come to the same conclusion.

The leadership is out of touch with the regular voter.

Simply attacking the other guy without a reason to vote for an alternative plan has backfired.

Gayle said...


Maybe you could actually address my point. Your tactic on blogs seems to be simply to recite meaningless facts in point form. (and as an aside, the word is "polls", not "Polls" - they are not gods).

Here is my question. See if you can answer it:

I wonder if all the Harper supporters can tell us what they think of the current CPC strategy to demonize all educated people as being "out of touch" wiht the "common man", and how educated people should have no say in how the country is run.

leftdog said...

'Could you tell Ignatieff to stop stepping on the gas pedal while we fix the motor?'

CanadianSense said...

Gayle: the current CPC strategy to demonize all educated people as being "out of touch" wiht the "common man", and how educated people should have no say in how the country is run.

Can you stop repeating the Narnia spin?

The Rosedale Gang and a few Liberals who are deluded do not make up --->ALL,<--- the educated people.

The party that is demonizing and dividing Canadians is the Liberal Party.

The CPC attacked the MP's who supported the coalition.

The CPC attacked MP's who don't support specific legislation.

You distorted the criticism.

MI has been away for 34 years and his personal record and motives were questioned.

Liberal defence Harper attack immigrants.

CPC refuse to extend grants to wasteful groups Court Challenges.

Liberals claim attack on everyone.

Gayle you can pretend and delude yourself and suggest his refusal to support specific Liberal funded priorites as an attack on ALL or everyone.

The "Polls" do not support your talking points. They in fact provide more support for the CPC.

Coalition was not supported. NDP were wrong and now the Liberals are wrong.

You just can't accept your "reality" is not shared by the regular voter.

You are free to use "ALL" and blanket statements when people like myself blame the leadership, and bloggers who live in the enchanted forest.

Gayle said...

Blah, blah, blah.

Do you ever get tired of saying the same thing over and over and over again?

What did Van Loan say about the report on the CPC's plan for superprisons again?

Oh yeah - he discounted all that research from those experts with a dismissive "who cares what the professor says"...

Why do you think he used that term?

Now answer the question - with facts, not rhetoric and talking points.

CanadianSense said...


the same question?

When will you drop the arrogant view of entitlement that you are better?

When will you stop using "all" instead of a specific attack on those identified as a special interest group?

When the Liberals let Omar Khadr "rot" in club fed for four year and turned over RCMP/CSIS notes to the US were they racist against "all" brown skinned canadians?

Reminds me of the new religion of Global warming who want to set up a carbon trading market to send billions of taxpayers dollars for their special interest groups.

Some of us are not buying your version of reality. We have other options. I prefer Billions requested by the Mayors to upgrade their infrastructure to sending it to Chicago Carbon Ponzi exchange.

Does that make those voters climate change deniers?

Gayle you and some of your "intelligent" friends need support. Good luck in selling your reality as the ONLY option.

Gayle said...

I stopped reading as soon as you mentioned Kadr. Yet another clumsy attempt to avoid the answer by moving the goal posts.

I look forward to the day you deal with issues in an honest manner and take a position on anything that has not been fed to you by the CPC website.

Good luck worshipping your "Polls".

marie said...

I am getting a little stressed out about this coalition bit. In a minority government which we are currently in, it takes 3 parties to pass bills in Parliament and to have enough support to bring down a government. You might interpret that as exactly what we are experiencing right now. Why I like it because it is suppose to keep politicians honest (which isn't happening right now) This current one has perfected lying so well that even his supporters are gullible enough to believe his every word.

With what we have experienced with the Reform/Cons so far is a perfect example of why giving him a majority would be devastating to Canada.

The biggest boner the Liberals have done the past few years is trying to work with the Reform/Cons to prevent an election that the so called Media keeps writing that Canadians don't want one.Yep, the liberals missed their chance a few months ago and if they do that again, I too will be pissed off at them.

As for the NDP, I guess they had a little money left over because they do now have a TV ad explaining why they are supporting Harper.Do you think maybe the Cons footed the bill? Or instructed CTV to run it for free? It would not surprise me one bit because they seem like they do it for the Cons continually.

CommonSense, this is my opinion such as the ones you pen so buzz off with your criticism.It makes about as much sense as yours(which it probably doesn't)

Good Day

Gene Rayburn said...

Hey Greg,

I don't set foot in Tim Hortons and it doesn't make me less Canadian. You need to take a civics course and maybe learn about what makes a Canadian. Seriously.