Friday, November 13, 2009

News of John Baird's cat's death goes international

News of the death of John Baird's cat, Thatcher, and how the Conservative government actually called 10 Downing Street to confirm the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (the Iron Lady is very much alive) has gone international with coverage in German news magazine, Der Spiegel.

Via Google Translate:

Why you should not name his cat "Thatcher"

Ottawa - Canada's Transport Minister John Baird on Tuesday among colleagues spread the simple message, "Thatcher is dead." The message reached members of the Canadian Parliament who attended a gala event in honor of Army families. Also, the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was present.

As the Canadian news agency CanWestNews reported was to the consternation of whether the big news - especially feels the Canadian Conservative government party of the "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher, who governed Britain from 1979 for eleven years combined, very.

Prime Minister Harper told immediately, the message can be verified by the death of the politician in Britain. But in 10 Downing Street one was surprised - Lady Thatcher, 84, was alive and kicking.

As it turned out a little later, Baird had said Transport Minister Thatcher, a very different - namely, his cat, which he had given in honor of the politician whose name.

This story sounds too good to be true. It is, however, assured as a "CanWestNews" spokesman SPIEGEL ONLINE: "Our chief political reporter was at the gala reception there and has seen the story live."
Stephen Harper said Canada would be back on the world stage under his leadership. Not sure this was what he had in mind though...

UPDATE: We're more back than I thought, baby. I quick Google search also reveals hits from the Irish Times and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as the United States, where the St. Petersburg Times has my favourite headline: Canada takes a brief paws to mourn thatcher.

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rockfish said...

I hear Harper plays it safe - names his kittens after already dead dictators...

Gene Rayburn said...

yeah Idi Amin just can't stop clawing the couch at 22 Sussex. :)

ricky said...

Does Teety get a break for awhile now?