Monday, December 07, 2009

Not hot in the DonOLO: Pointy shoes and loud colours

I’m not sure how Jane Taber missed this revelation but, buried deep in Susan Delacourt’s story on the fictional Raesurection in the Star today, she reveals news that should warm the hearts of Liberal partisans from Scarborough all the way to Mississauga, and ensure any future fictional displeasure in the Liberal caucus will never occur again:

Much hope rests on Peter Donolo, former communications director to Jean Chr├ętien, now chief of staff to Ignatieff. Donolo has spent the first few weeks cleaning house and professionalizing the office culture, including instituting a dress code.

A long overdue move, in my opinion. You’ll recall it was the clothing habits of OLO staffers that got the Liberal Party in the situation we’re now in, and that has gotten the caucus in such a state that they’re having fictional conversations in hotel bars. Seriously, the skinny jeans, the pastels, it was completely out of control.
Senior Liberal strategists are now referring to the Ignatieff OLO (Opposition Leader's Office) as “Parliament High” because of the legions of inexperienced young people who populate it.

They even have a uniform. Says one veteran Liberal: “Why is it everybody in the Leader's office, guys or girls, wears blue jeans, pointy shoes and tight button-up shirts with loud colours? … It's pack mentality.”

Thank goodness this situation has been corrected. As I was saying to fictional senior Liberals in a fictional conversation at the Royal York oh, let’s say, last Katilsday, Jean Pelletier would never have permitted loud colours and pointy shoes in Jean Chretien’s office. Sure, Jean was a man of a people, la petit gars, but your belt had dammed well better match your socks. I mean, we’re not barbarians!

So I’m confident that, with order now restored to the dress code of the OLO, victory is nigh.
Well, nigher anyway.

More nigh?

An increased level of nighness, is the general point.

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