Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Argh! The Liberals be here to steal y'er women and drink y'er rum!

Aye, we''e tried t' keep it secret but alas, that scallywag Jim Flaherty has found out our secret plans, gar!

Aye, this an an excerpt o'er a speech that Flaherty actually ga'e today, in the Chateau Laurier, at a Canadian Club e'ent. And yes, he is the finance minister o' a G8 country. Aye, me parrot concurs.

In the global recession, the ship of state has had a difficult voyage.

But we can see the harbour lights.

And that’s just when a would-be captain and his ragtag crew are trying to storm the bridge.

If they seize the wheel, ladies and gentlemen, they’ll have us on the rocks.

And that’s not how this voyage should end.

Aye, yes, it be true. We Liberals be pirates and you landlubbers best be scared, shiver me timbers! We're takin' o'er this ship o'state and y'all can either join our crew or be permanent guests o' Da'ey Jones, shiver me timbers!

Ahoy, if you want t' be sparred from our pirate path, hand o'er your women and your rum while we plunder your booty, shiver me timbers! Or join our crew for an ad'enturous life o' piratin', plunderin' and drinkin', shiver me timbers! We're an equal opportunity employer, and offer full medical, dental and a comprehensi'e retirement sa'in's plan.

Arrr, resistance is futile, argh!

Choose your Canada, scallywags!

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Dr.Dawg said...

Arrr, ye're two days late, ye laggard! Time to throw ye in the scuppers and wash ye down with bilgewater. And don't give me no jaw, ye swab--I'm sharpening my cutlass in yer honour.

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

Genius, Jedras.

marie said...

Ho Ho Ho with my bottle of rum. wlile I drink me rum where's tee gang plank so we can push this elf right off the end to rid him of his wee pained head or shall we place him in the brig for a forthnight or two.