Friday, March 30, 2012

Jobs plan, jobs plan, anyone got a jobs plan?

Or know what a jobs plan is, exactly? We’ll save that one for another day. But with both the Ontario Liberals and Federal Conservatives releasing budgets this week, it offered an interesting opportunity to watch the reaction of their respective opposition parties to the plans. And it looks like they all share the same set of talking points:

“Stephen Harper promised jobs and growth, but delivered reckless cuts. There’s nothing on jobs, nothing on inequality and nothing to strengthen our front-line health services. ” Mulcair said. “Mr. Harper is once again looking out for his friends, while he ignores growing inequality.”

“After Canada experienced zero job growth during the last six months, we expected this budget to have one focus – jobs,” said Liberal (editor’s note: interim) Leader Bob Rae. “Unfortunately, this budget has no real measures to grow jobs, and address youth unemployment and Canada’s skills shortage.

“The budget fails them on two counts,” Hudak said. “First, it’s not just the total absence of a jobs plan. It’s the fact that the budget actually makes things worse for the job creators who could help get our 600,000 unemployed men and women back to work.”

“For families worried about their jobs, their health and the growing cost of living this Budget falls short. We’re going to be listening to the everyday people who will be affected by the Budget and we’ll be putting their interests first in the days ahead,” said Horwath.

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