Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Travelling BC & The Yukon with Deborah Coyne

As a BCer I'm always happiest in BC, and that's where I am right now. I'm with Liberal leadership candidate Deborah Coyne on a 23-day tour of the province.

After a great kick-off with the North Shore Womens Liberal Commission affiliate in North Vancouver and a few days off for Thanksgiving, we were back on the road yesterday with stops in Abbotford and Penticton. Today we're in Kelowna where our stops will include a roundtable with the UBC Okanagan Young Liberals and a social with the Kelowna-Lake Country Liberals. The rest of the week will take us to Kamloops, Armstrong and Prince George, before beginning the long drive North to Whitehorse.

You can find a copy of the tour schedule and pictures from the trip so far here.

What's really struck me so far is how similar the issues raised by people have been, whether it's been in North Vancouver, Abbotsford or Penticton. The Conservative cuts to the prison chaplain have generated strong commentary, as have the cuts to science and research. The Liberal policy on the legalization of marijuana, as you'd expect in B.C., has also been a regular topic.

And as someone who has spent many of his political years a non-traditional Liberal riding, I've been reminded that there are cores of active and engaged Liberals outside the big cities in communities across the country. They're committed and ready to help rebuild the party, but they need more help then they've gotten from the party leadership. If we can give these ridings more support, and do it consistently, it will pay dividends down the road. But we need to commit to a long-term plan, both during the election campaign and between them.

Anyway, here's some video of the speech Deborah is giving across the country. The same message across Canada: One Canada for All Canadians.

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