Thursday, February 06, 2014

Why Nancy Leblanc will beat Cheri DiNovo in Parkdale-High Park

My friend Nancy LeBlanc (you may also know her as Impolitical) is running for the Ontario Liberal nomination in Parkdale-High Park, and I think she's going to beat the NDP's Cheri DiNovo in the next election. Why? Because she'll work harder.

I haven't met many people -- particularly candidates -- that genuinely enjoy canvassing as much as Nancy does. Every election and byelection she's out at the doors, and now that she's running for a nomination herself, she's been going door to door for months, selling memberships and engaging with the residents of Parkdale-High Park.

Her campaign recently released this video, and it really captures Nancy. Her optimism, her enthusiasm, and her genuine desire to connect with people and listen, not just talk.

If you live in the riding, I hope you'll sign up to support Nancy. You can learn lots more about her campaign, which she's calling a campaign for representation, on her web siteFacebook and Twitter.

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