Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Eating up the Hill: Ribs and salad

Lunch was a spur of the moment thing today when I escorted some guests up to the Confederation Building cafeteria. I had seen Ribs and Sweet Potato Fries as the special of the day, and hadn't planned to partake but the fellow in line ahead of me convinced me to change my mind, following a visual inspection of the offering.

Restaurant: Confederation Building Cafeteria
Dish: Ribs and salad
Price: $6.32 (excluding tax and my usual refreshing carton of skim milk)

We shouldn't expect much from cafeteria ribs, so we're grading on a curve here. My last job took me to Austin, Texas a number of times and holy crap, can they do bbq down there. Another thing I love about the American South: mac & cheese is a legit side dish option. I could do a whole piece on mac & cheese...

So this wasn't anywhere near Rudy's, but for the setting it wasn't bad. My first move was to sub out the sweet potato fries for a salad. I could say this is for health reasons, but really, I don't like sweet potatoes. I'm also very particular about my fries -- they need to be thin and crispy. But let's just say the salad was for health reasons... and I have to say I've found the Parliamentary food services staff very accommodating with special requests and substitutions.

The ribs themselves were a generous half-rack that, for sitting in the warmer for an indeterminate time, held up well. They looked to be baked with perhaps a finish on the grill, and the meat fell off the bone nicely. A cup of accompanying bbq sauce allowed me to sauce it to taste; I'd have appreciated a spicier sauce option though.

Grading on a cafeteria scale, I give it a 7/10. The meat was cooked as well as you could hope in this environment, and the half rack portion was very generous for the price. (Took it to go, hence the box)

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