Saturday, May 14, 2016

Eating up the Hill: Indian buffet goodness

I know I haven't food blogged in awhile, but my free time to attend receptions has been limited, and many of the appetizers served we've seen before. But with the MP back in the riding, we ventured out Friday to try somewhere new for lunch: India Palace.

Maybe a five minute walk from Parliament Hill, India Palace offers an a la carte menu with a wide variety of options, from curries and tandoori to kabob, tandoor and biryani. I was there for one thing, however: the lunch buffet.

Restaurant: India Palace, 292 Albert Street (at Kent)
Dish: Over 30 advertised items in the lunch buffet
Price: $12.95 (before tax, tip and beverage)

So did a lot of other people, apparently, as the small restaurant  was packed with butter chicken-craving public servants, and there was always a line for the buffet. Our party of three had to wait about 10 minutes, and there didn't seem to be much organization in the order in which people were seated, but seated we finally were. I thought we'd beat the crowd by arriving early, at around 11:40. Going about an hour later may have been a better bet.

Given the high traffic for the lunch buffet, all the items were hot and fresh due to regular restocking. There were all the usual Indian-type staples you would expect, including plenty of vegetarian dishes. The one disappointment for me was the veggie samosas, which lacked spice and mainly had mashed veggies inside -- Scarborough samosas remain the best samosas.

Everything else I enjoyed quite a bit though, from the butter chicken and the spinach chicken to the pakora. But by far the standout was the perfectly done tandoori chicken. I could have just ate a plate of tandoori chicken and I'd have been happy.

I will definitely be back, and hopefully at a slower time so I can spend more time enjoying the tandoori goodness, and maybe have a nap afterward.

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