Friday, December 02, 2016

Eating up the Hill: Lasagna and Cesar Salad

No one makes lasagna like Mom, but she's not here and I still need to eat lunch. So I headed up to the Confederation Building cafeteria on Thursday to try the special of the day: Lasagna and Cesar Salad.

First, the lasagna. On the positive side, the portion size was generous, and I didn't get cheated on the cheese on top. And I was pleased by the presence of mushrooms. After that, it was kind of downhill. The ground beef, while in decent if not generous quantity, was not of high quality. It could have been saucier. And if there was cheese on the inside, it had melted into nothingness. No evidence of ricotta or cottage, cheeses I would usually expect to find in my lasagna.

The lasagna filled me up and was cooked appropriately, but was definitely cafeteria lasagna.

On to the Cesar salad. Too often, a side salad at the caf is just spring mix and a dressing of your choice. That's not a salad -- that's lettuce. A salad involves other ingredients. Toss in some cucumber or something, people. Thankfully, this time they had the appropriate ingredients on hand to make your own Cesar salad. I asked for my romaine on a separate plate to give me more space to work with, and proceeded to add croutons, bacon bits, Parmesan cheese and dressing. The croutons were good and the dressing garlicky goodness. The bacon bits were delightfully real and not simulated, which made the decision to cheap out with the powdered Parmesan instead of the shredded a bit puzzling.

All in all, I quite enjoyed the salad -- perhaps more so than the lasagna.

Restaurant: Confederation Building Cafeteria
MealLasagna and Cesar Salad
Price: $8.61 including my Diet Coke, inclusive of taxes

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