Sunday, January 08, 2017

Eating up the Hill: Soup and a sandwich from The Soup Guy

I've been talking a lot about soup on this blog and so, at the urging of a regular reader, I ventured off campus to the food court at World Exchange Plaza to sample the wares of The Soup Guy.

I don't venture too often over to the World Exchange Plaza about four blocks from my office -- there are closer food courts if that's what I'm looking for. But I had a meeting across the street around the hour of lunching one day, so I took the opportunity to sample some soup and a sandwich.

I'll dispense with the sandwich first. They have all the usual sandwiches you would expect but I opted for one of the specials that caught my eye: the breaded pork schnitzel. While it's not as healthy as the non-breaded fillets you usually find on sandwiches, it added a nice bit of crunch to completment the lettuce, tomato and mayo. The panini bread was also fresh and crunchy, making for a tasty if somewhat pricey sandwich (as I recall, the sandwich, soup and beverage ran me closer to $15 than to $10).

But this is about The Soup Guy, not The Sandwich Guy, so let's move on to the main event. They have a good number of soups each day on a rotating basis. A few are on display in the case up front, while a few more are in the back and listed on a board. So you can't eyeball those but need to go off the name alone.

I've mentioned before that I'm particular about soups. I tend to prefer the cream-based ones over stock, with some exceptions. And I haven't mentioned that I really dislike soups with a tomato-base. Painful childhood lunch memories perhaps, I don't know. None of the soups on display were my sort of soup, so I turned to the ones on the board and none really lept out at me. Feeling the need to pick a soup though, I went with the Caribbean Chicken Mango Soup.

Unfortunately, it turned out to have a tomatoish base. It gets points for being rich in ingredients (with the notable exception of chicken) which is key to a good soup in my books -- don't skimp on the goodies; I want it to be like stew. While it has a well-executed soup, I couldn't get over the stock.

As it was a technically sound soup -- just not my kind of soup -- I shall give them another crack when I'm in the neighborhood at lunch time again.

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