Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eating up the Hill: Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet

Not every Pizza Hut offers the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. But those that do are magnificent. Luckily, the one in Ottawa on Bank Street, south of Walkley is about a 20-minute bus ride away so I don't visit too often. Otherwise, it could be dangerous.

I did make a mid-week visit during my staycation, however. It was surprisingly busy for the middle of the week, with nearly everyone taking advantage of the lunch buffet. I was surprised though that the party nearest me was ordering off the menu -- takes all kinds, I suppose.

But for my money, there is no better meal in town than the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. For not much money, you get unlimited pizza, salad, pasta, pasta salad, breadsticks, and desert pizza. There are usually four kinds of pizza on offer, including always one vegetarian. There's usually pepperoni, meat lover's or Canadian, and sometimes Hawaiian. My bill came to $14.55 for the buffet, a pop, tax and tip.

The key to success is how often they refresh the pizza on offer, as it can often go fast. And if you end up on the wrong cycle, other folks can clean it out before you're ready to go back up. So you do need some strategy to keep an eye on things and time your trips up.

I usually skip the salad and the breadsticks -- I'll get my bread from the pizza, thank you -- and only take a smattering of pasta salad. For me, it's all about the Pizza. And while some dislike Pizza Hut's pan pizza, I've always been a fan. It tends to be pricy though, so the buffet is great value.

There's also the desert pizza -- usually apple and cherry -- and often the dough bits with cinnamon and icing. I find the latter doughy and lacking in taste, but I do try to save room for the desert pizza. Strange thing though: while I eat pizza with my hands (like one should) I always use a fork and knife on desert pizza. I don't know, just feels like I should.

I mean, we do live in a society, am I right?

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