Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Eating up the Hill: Cheese Ravioli Bruschetta

As the House of Commons cafeterias roll out their new rotating menu of specials, they seem to have adopted meatless Mondays. Yesterday's meatless special Cheese Ravioli Bruschetta.

They began with a base of parma ravioli, containing spinach and ricotta cheese. The pasta is served in oil (I would hope olive, but the background documentation wasn't specific) with basil, oregano and parsley. The bruchetta topping of diced tomatoes and what not is included in the serving dish, and after a portion of pasta is plated, a portion of feta cheese is added on top.

All in all, I enjoyed it. The pasta was cooked properly, and the feta cheese added a nice sharp dose of flavour. While I don't feel I necessarily got shorted on bruchetta, I wouldn't mind seeing it added to the dish after the ravioli is served, as is the feta -- although this would be slightly more labour intensive.

All in all though, a nice light lunch I will order again in six weeks time. Will add a side though; was hungry for a muffin a few hours later.

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