Saturday, March 10, 2018

Eating up the Hill: Gnocchi with scallops at Metropolitain Brasserie

Left the precinct for lunch with a friend Friday at the Metropolitain Brasserie, a swanky French bistro on the other wide of the Chateau Laurier.

Popular with the political set, particularly with Conservatives, I've been there a number of times for standing receptions but never for a sit-down meal, so I was looking forward to sampling the menu. From my pre-meal menu scouting, I had seen it was largely oysters and French stuff. A few entrees were tempting but too heavy for lunch, but they also had a burger, crepes, tartare (no ways) and what not.

I was leaning heavily going in towards the Croque Monsieur, which of course would be a sandwich of country smoked ham & Gruyere baked with Mornay sauce. Maybe a soup or salad on the side, as a nice light(ish) lunch. Outside chance of flipping to a steak sandwich.

Then they told me the specials, and I was intrigued by the offer of gnocchi with scallops. I think I've written before about liking pasta, but not being quick to order it when dining out because as it seems like something too simple; it would be wasting a rare dining-out opportunity. I'd put gnocchi in the same category.

But sometimes, you just go for it. And I enjoy a good gnocchi. Also, scallops, even if The Met is dangerously far from an ocean. So, I went with the special.

Because it was a special not on the regular menu, I can't be super precise in my description. Five good-sized scallops, browned on one side and cooked properly. Tender gnocchi. Spinach, and likely some sort of cheese in what I'll guess was a wine wine and butter sauce.

It was delicious. A slightly heavier lunch than the sandwich I was going to have, but not overly so and I didn't get too sleepy later in the afternoon. Sauce was tasty, scallops and gnocchi too. No order regret.

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