Saturday, April 07, 2018

Eating in the Dominican: Oregano Dominican Fusion

I’m well outside my usual food blogging radius, currently spending a week at the Emotions Playa Dorada resort in the Dominican Republic, but there has been some interest in some food blogging from these warmer climes. So I shall attempt to indulge, as far as my packed vacation schedule (sitting by the pool, and then sitting on the beach), as well as my patience typing on an iPad permits.

There are several a la carte reasturants on the resort and no reservations are required, which is a nice change from other places. Last night I had dinner at Oregano Dominican Fusion, to sample the local cuisine. I’m told that Dominican cuisine is highly influenced by the immigrants that have reached its shores, and has Creole him characteristics with African, Spanish and Taino influences. Also, they apparently use lots of Oregano and this is what makes them so happy or something.

After ordering my three courses, they brought me a courtesy appetizer plate of mini empanadas, cheese balls, and some sort of croquette I was unable to place, with a lukewarm tomato soup for dipping. I liked the empanadas.

I began with an an an appetizer, described as a “long pork sausage with guava berry honey, aged rum and mashed yucca.” I have to admit I was expecting a little more sausage than the three little pieces I was served. As I would come to see though, they were serious about their plating. The sausage itself was tasty, with hints of Oregano, unsurprisingly. I could not detect the subtle flavours of guava and rum promised in the description of the sticky, syrupy sauce, but it was fine.

On to the main, and over several options I went with the “beef fillet with demiglace flambeed with mamajuana and accompanied with a sweet potato soufflĂ©.” The need was cooked to medium as ordered and was deliciously tender. I couldn’t get much out of the sauce other than an acceptable beef jus, and the vegetables were all cooked properly. It was enjoyable, and filled me up.

Thankfully, dessert was as small as the appetizer, so I had room left. I had ordered the “Dominican Fusion” and was presented three little spoons of direct pudding-type things. One was a rice pudding, the other had a corn base, and the third was a dulce de Leone. The ride pudding was passable, the corn one was a nice change as I cannot say I’ve had many corn-based desserts, and the caramel-y dulce was tasty too.

Tonight, either Mexican or Italian.

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