Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Eating off the Hill: Boneless chicken comes to Nando's

As I've written before, I'm a fan of the Nando's peri peri chicken. It's like Swiss Chalet, but spicy. And good. It's one of the earlier Eating off the Hill reviews I wrote. I found Nando's-branded Peri Peri sauce at Farm Boy before Christmas, and have been enjoying it.

So, when I decided to have dinner downtown last week before a show at the NAC, the Nando's across the street was a logical choice. They were busy on a Friday evening, but I was seated quickly. And what caught my eye was the limited-time boneless chicken menu -- butterflied breasts, thighs, and sandwiches.

I usually order the 1/4 chicken white meat, so I decided to go with the boneless version instead and get the butterflied chicken breasts, with chips and seasonal veggies.

The breast was nicely marinated, grilled well and was still juicy, and I liked that they left the patch of crispy chicken skin on top for those -- like I -- that choose to partake. It was a tasty meal -- the only thing that left a bad taste in my mouth was the price. Tax and tip all in, dinner was $27. Too much for what I got, and more than Nando's usually is.

They don't have the limited time menu online, but I recall the breast as being about $14 before adding sides -- the boned version is $14 with two sides included. So that's a hefty labour charge for the de-boning.

Next time, I'll take on that responsibility myself. Unless it's a sandwich, no more boneless for me.

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