Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Eating off the Hill: Spicy Big Mary Sandwich at Mary Brown's

I like me a spicy chicken sammy. I remember back in the day, when KFC didn't suck (or maybe my standards were just lower) I was all about the spicy Big Crunch. Unfortunately, I've mostly missed out on the fast food spicy chicken sandwich wars that raged South of our border -- Popeye's didn't bring their's to Canada, and Chick-fil-A is on the no-go list.

A late entrant into the game though was a regional Canadian player with a spicy version of their hero chicken sammy, the Spicy Big Mary.

Mary Brown's is a Newfoundland (& Labrador?) fried chicken chain beloved for their potato taters. People get excited by them. I don't. I get upset. If I'm going to have fries I want them thin and crispy with as little potato as possible, so taters are a slap in the face to me and all I hold dear.

Anyway, MB's have been sprouting up everywhere recently -- apparently there are a few in suburban Ottawa. I first noticed them in Scarborough during the campaign last fall, and stopped in one day for lunch. Wasn't impressed, didn't blog it. Had a two piece fried chicken and found it nothing special. Passed on the taters; see above.

Still, I heard they were doing a spicy sammy and I hadn't tried their sandwich yet so on my last trip back to the borough just before everything changed, I stopped by on my way to the hotel and got one to go -- hold the pickle. I don't like pickles.

It was a solid spicy chicken sammy. The bun was your standard fast food seasame; didn't really bring much to the party but didn't detract either. Good spicy mayo, nice kick though not Scarborough spicy, and in a class move they give you the sauce on top and on the bottom -- don't see that often in the spicy sammy game. The chicken breast as meaty, juicy and cooked fresh to order. I couldn't tell for sure if the patty itself was spicy -- that would be next level -- but it was likely just their regular Big Mary chicken sammy patty. Their marketing materials imply it is, but I couldn't detect it.

Anyway, as I said, solid spicy chicken sammy. Probably doesn't hold up to Popeye's or Voldemort's, but would eat again. They need to up their bun game though to compete in the majors.

And that's it for food I took pictures of when we could still go outside and eat. I shall now order delivery to bring you the food contant you crave. Up first, local donuts...

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