Thursday, October 06, 2022

Eating up the Hill: Smashburgers with the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

One of the highlights of the Parliamentary reception circuit has long been the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association annual beef BBQ in the East Block courtyard, held before the Ottawa weather gets too cool.

It had to go away during the pandemic but thankfully it made a triumphant return to the Hill last week, and many a staffer and Parliamentarian made their way over and joined the lengthy que.

Traditionally, this has been the good ‘ol beef on a bun. But this year they decided to showcase a different form of delicious Canadian beef, bringing in the chefs from local eatery the King Eddy to prepare their signature smashburgers.

This explained the lengthy line, as they were cooking double smash cheeseburgers from scratch on the grill, topping each with sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickle, wrapping it and handing it off to the hungry masses with a bag of Old Ditch chips, some slaw and a cup of chipotle mayo.

My wait was maybe 30 minutes-ish and I got there early – the line was way longer when I left.

Was it worth the wait? Oh yeah. Delicious, fresh, hot, juicy Canadian beef smashburger and two slices of the dairy industry’s finest processed cheese – which is actually in my view the best cheese for this application.

I removed the pickles and inhaled the burger, not remembering until I’d had a bite to snap a photo you good people. The courtyard was rocking more than it had in years, and no one left hungry.

Thank you to the cattlemen! Looking forward to Beer, Beef and Whiskey next.

Who doesn't love a cheeseburger?

The courtyard was a rockin'.

Celebrity chef?

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