Saturday, January 14, 2006

Just how many ridings is Jack Layton running in?

I was out and about in my riding of Scarborough-Centre today, and as I peered through the filthy windows of various TTC busses I kept an eye out for campaign signs to pass the time, and to see who is winning the all (not really) important sign war.

It seems to be pretty much a dead-heat between Liberal (in name only) incumbent John Cannis and his (even more socially) Conservative challenger, Roxanne James. Their signs were plentiful, from lawn signs to the big ones, but I’d have to say Roxanne (now I’ve got that Police song stuck in my head) held a slight edge. Third place? Trailing far behind, Jack Layton.

Must be kind of a punch in the gut to their local candidate, Dorothy Laxton. Didn’t see a single sign with her name on it during my travels. Five though trumpeted Jack Layton and his Toronto team. What’s up with that?
I must say that John’s signs were like a trip down Liberal memory lane though, he must have saved all his signs since 1993. There’s the old L logo signs, the il-fated Team Martin with his fading face signs, and the newer incarnations as well. It was fun.

Makes me think how cool it would be to build a political history museum in Ottawa…think the grant could be pushed through by Friday?

My old BC riding has been held by its Conservative incumbent since 1993, but it seems every election he’s running under a new party banner so new signs every year. My vote for the next new name? The Canadian Conservatively Conservative Party. Fits in with their attempt to appear more moderate. And CCCP, what a great acronym! Now where have I heard that before though?

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daveberta said...

Yeah, we were driving through the Westlock-St. Paul riding just north of Edmonton today, and there was a Jack Layton sign on the side of the highway... :-P

CQ said...

_CCCP? That's just C.R.A.P. :)