Thursday, January 26, 2006

Vindicated Dosanjh ponders lawsuit

Now that he has been completely cleared of wrongdoing in the Grewal secret recordings scandal by the Federal Ethics Commissioner there is a report this morning Ujjal Dosanjh is considering launching a lawsuit over the matter.

A piece in the Vancouver edition of 24 Hours says Dosanjh is examining all of his options to respond to the "orchestrated attack on (his) integrity and reputation", including those "of a legal nature." Dosanjh said senior Conservatives, including some in Stephen Harper's office, acted "inappropriately."

That's an understatement. I say go for it Ujjal! It's the only way the right-wing smear machine will learn.

Vindicated Dosanjh ponders suit
By Irwin Loy, 24 Hours

Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh has been cleared of wrongdoing in last year's infamous "Grewal tapes" scandal.

Now, the Vancouver South MP is hinting he may take legal action against the Conservatives.

"I will be examining all my options in light of this orchestrated attack on my integrity and reputation," Dosanjh said in an interview yesterday, adding that some of his options "may be of a legal nature."

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Budd Campbell said...

Other reports reveal that Grewal is considering a suit against Liberal Shapiro. His report, incredibly, refused to consider any of the taped conversations as evidence, only the self-serving after the fact statements Shapiro collected. How insincere can Liberals be?

Jeff said...

And what would be the basis for Gurmant's suit, that the report exposed him to be an idiot? I think the truth remains a pretty good defence for libel accusations.

As to the tapes (Buckets of Grewal has an interesting post on how the report reveals they actually weren't tapes but digital reportings, and all that entails) and Shapiro's consideration of them, I'm not sure if you read his report Budd but I think it answers that point well.

"However, from the outset of this inquiry, I wished to proceed on the basis of obtaining the direct testimony of all of the parties involved before deciding whether it would be necessary to rely on the tapes as primary evidence in support of my findings and conclusions. In this way, any questions associated with the provenance, quality, integrity, translation and transcription of the tapes could be addressed at a later time. Even though we had all of the tapes audio enhanced for the purposes of translation and transcription, I was not satisfied that an accurate and reliable transcript could be prepared in relation to the conversations which took place in Punjabi. Indeed, throughout this inquiry there were strong objections by those parties represented by counsel regarding the use of the tapes in support of the inquiry. At the conclusion of this inquiry, I did not consider it necessary, in the face of the wealth of the primary corroborated evidence of all of the witnesses to rely on the contents of the tapes in reaching my conclusions."