Monday, February 27, 2006

Emerson thinks he'd win???

Is the man really this delusional? I wonder what colour the sky is in David Emerson's world. I mean, yes he's obviously politically stupid but you don't become CEO of a multi-million dollar company without having some brains. His arrogance though is breathtaking. Culture of entitlement, thy name is David Emerson.

So David, you think you could win a by-election. OK then, put your ministerial limo where your mouth is and run in one! Or don't you have the gonads?

That sound you hear is me not holding my breath.

An an aside, from a media management and communications pov, since that is my background, why in the hell is he making these comments now? This thing is (was?) fading off the national radar screen. The storm, other than local protests, had passed. His line when asked should have been "I'm moving on and I'm focused on some files that are very important to my constituents and to Canada. With the Torino games over we're now focusing on Vancouver 2010..."

He really didn't need to open this can of worms back up at all. Unless he's trying to deflect attention from something else (dammit, what is Michael Fortier up to now?).

Can win despite backlash, Emerson says

Globe and Mail Update

Controversial International Trade Minister David Emerson said Monday he thinks he could still win an election as a Conservative despite the continuing furor over his decision to switch teams just weeks after January's election.

"I actually do think I could probably win an election as a Conservative,” Mr. Emerson said, appearing on CTV Newsnet. “The whole issue of whether a by-election or part of the next general election, of course, is a point of some debate."


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Steve V said...

The only thing Emerson might "win" is most crushing defeat ever for an incumbent. With these comments, I have a better understanding why his handler's don't let him out much.

Red Tory said...

Ha. I saw that this morning on Newsnet. What a laugh. He’d get clobbered by Ian Waddell. Of course, what else did you expect him to say? He knows there’s going to be no bye-election and when he gets on his high horse about promising to abide by parliamentary rules regarding floor-crossing that would apply to all MPs, he also knows that Harper has already indicated that he’s against such a move, so his ass is covered there too.

James Curran said...

The guy has less brains then the scarecrow. If you can't confront your constituents like a "big boy", how are you going to confront the US on Softwood?

Yes, a crushing defeat it would be.

The What Do I know Grit.

Anonymous said...

There is no rule to have a by-election when an MP makes a personal choice to sit with another party.
However, the NDP have a motion that would require it. However, the NDP motion would allow a member to sit as an Independant without a by-election.
Three comments about this:
1. the constituency did not elect an Independant
2. The NDP motion would also allow that the Independant could be a cabinet minister.
3. The "Independant" can vote along any party line they want.

Therefore, if Emerson wanted to adapt to the NDP motion as it is written he could
1. Sit as an Independant
2. Still be a Cabinet Minister
3. Vote along Conservative party lines.

What would be different?

CoteGauche said...

Notice that he doesn't say that he would win as a Conservative in Vancouver Kingsway. He would stand a pretty good chance in the Fraser Valley or even in Vancouver Quadra, but not in Vancouver Kingsway.

James Curran said...

Who is talking about the NDP version? We're talking about a by-election and him getting his ass kicked.

The What Do I Know Grit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting part of the article BCer. I avoid the G&M now since the new design tends to freeze up my browser and crash windoze. Strange.

Emerson would not only be soundly defeated by Waddell but by this time and after everything that's gone on he could very well end up getting fewer votes than the Conservative candidate who ran in the general. Plus he would be booed at every event he had the nerve to show up at.

Wouldn't it be intresting as he keeps firing off his mouth if Harper finally tires of the flak and demands he resign and run.

Not likely, but wouldn't it be interesting.