Friday, February 10, 2006

It's no big deal in the business world... yeah, not so much. The Globe's business section today weighs into the Emerson affair with a piece on the differences between the political world and the business world. It's actually a very interesting read.

I'll have to blame the headline writers though for misleading and false headline though: "
Switching teams: No big deal in business, but Emerson learns politics is different" because I knew one of the writers, Simon Tuck, when I was a technology reporter in Ottawa. He's a smart guy, so I know he'd remember this story, which after all wasn't that long ago. And it's only one of the more high profile, recent examples...

Microsoft wins first round of Google employee lawsuit
By: Matthew Broersma
(02 Aug 2005)

Microsoft has won the first round in its legal action against Google, with a restraining order that prevents a former Microsoft employee from engaging in competing work at the search company.

The ruling came from King County Superior Court in Seattle on Thursday and represents an initial, if small, win for Microsoft. The software company is suing to prevent Dr Kai-Fu Lee from taking work with Google that would compete with Microsoft's search engine strategy in China.


On an unrelated note, it's my birthday today and I don't know how Bourque knew but with a link to this post on his site last night I woke up to a smoking counter this morning. So merci Pierre, and bonjour to the nearly 1300+ readers who have visited my humble blog so far today. Really though, I was just linking to a post from Sean Hollman at Public Eye Online, it was his scoop.

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