Thursday, February 16, 2006

Stupid comment of the day award: Roy McGregor

In an article in USA Today yesterday on Wayne Gretzky and the betting scandal (which by the way has been getting major (sports) media play down in the States), veteran Globe and Mail columnist Roy McGregor offered this comment on the situation:

"This is the Danish cartoon of Canadian sports," said columnist Roy McGregor of The Globe and Mail.

Now McGregor is a respected veteran journalist and I don't know him but people I know and respect that do know him say he's a stand-up guy. And I have been out of the country for a few days, so is it possible I missed a massive uprising of irate hockey fans across the country taking to the streets in protest and burning down arenas?

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David Webb said...

Behead those who say Wayne gambled!


Effigies of Don Cherry have been reported appearing in the streets of anytown Canada.

Anonymous said...

Burning Effigies of Don Cherry have been appearing. Word is that the Fashion industry demands that "Standards" be instated into the Mission Statement of the CBC on the manner of which they allow Don to dress.

I also plan to feign outrage at the betting. It's betting, it happens.
Meh, the world carries on.