Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Toronto Senator Mike Harris?

If David Emerson was bribed across the floor to represent Vancouver and Michael Fortier elevated from the Conservative war room to the Senate to represent Montreal because having representation from Canada's second and third largest cities was so important to Stephen Harper, then what about Canada's largest city: Toronto?

It's laughable this is even being used as an excuse for the violation of two Conservative principles. After all, just last week we were hearing how thus urban/rural divide thing was a myth, and hey, there are Cons in Surrey, New Westminster, Port Moody and so on, and that's practically Vancouver, right?? So they said then.

But if you're going to use it as a justification now, what about Toronto? I guess none of the Toronto Liberal MPs could be bribed with a cabinet post to cross. To lapse into fantasyland for a second, how delicious would it have been if Olivia Chow had spurned Jack Layton and crossed the floor to the Harper cabinet? It would have been 10x better than Peter McKay and Belinda Stronach. Principles be dammed, that would have been sweet!

But back to reality, what about Toronto indeed? The Globe's John Ibbitson has an interesting piece this morning where he asks the question: why not Senator Mike Harris?

The other city that abjured the Conservatives was Toronto. So why is Senator Mike Harris not in the cabinet? There's a vacancy, and Mr. Harris might enjoy the show. If Toronto really mattered, Mr. Harper would have found a way to get the city represented. The flak wouldn't have been any worse than that over Mr. Fortier and Mr. Emerson.

After all, if ever there was a man suited to the country club atmosphere of the Senate its Duffer Mike, and it would be old home week for him around the cabinet table.

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Anonymous said...

Damned right. Seeing Mike Harris as a Senator will give a much needed balance to the current Senate situation. But don't you worry, I'm sure all 70+ members of the Liberal Senate would keep them in line.

Get over it. Pierre Pettigrew and Stephane Dion were unelected members of cabinet as well who promised to run in the next election. Fortier will do the same thing.

And before you pull the "yeah, but Harper's a hypocrite", no he isn't. If you look closely at interviews with the CBC during the election, you'll find Harper wasn't being a hypocrite at all!

Mike Harris would make for an excellent Senator.

Anonymous said...

I might be an absolute idiot, here, but I hope there's only one Mike Harris..and I'm talking about the former Premier...

Forgive me...

Jeff said...

Wow dude, so much spin and distortion there I don't know where to start.

Yes, Pettigrew and Dion sat in cabinet without being elected...for appx. two months. When they were appointed Liberal MPs stepped aside to create vacancies and they immediatly began to campaign for the seats, winning election two months later.

Fortier will do the same thing in 18 months to 5 years, not in 2 months! Biiig difference. And even though Harper promised only to appoint elected Senators. Why not have a Quebec senate election?

And you're being misleading blue. I've read the CBC transcript, Harper said nothing about appointing Senators or unelected people to cabinet. The oft quoted portion refers to floor crossers, and Harper said he doesn't like it but he doesn't support forcing a byelection.

Many of his caucus and cabinet do, however. Wonder how many of them will speak up now, and not just tow the leader's line. After all, this is the party of open debate, free votes, yada yada...

And yes, I did mean former the former premier, and not the historian/radio talk show host. :)

Michael Fox said...

*I* am going to be appointed Senator for Toronto.

Jeff said...

Surely you mean elected, right TT? :)

Martin was going to appoint me as federal bikini inspector but alas the order in council didn't go through in time.

noone said...

Mike Harris as a Senator LOLOLOL

The man nearly ruined Ontario. Not to mention the fact that he can't even manage his personal life. Yes, that would have been a good idea, Mike Harris as a Senator....Harper may be ambitious but he's not completely stupid. At least, let's hope not.