Thursday, March 23, 2006

This is getting a little crazy

I'm sorry, and with all due respect to Martin Cauchon, but on what planet in this vast and mysterious universe would he have been considered a "star candidate"? Please tell me, I'd like to go there for my next vacation.

From the London Free Press, buried in an article about their local Liberal MP Joe Fontana's leadership ambitions (speaking of being out there, with due respect to my friend K):

Meanwhile, one of Fontana's cabinet colleagues, former justice minister Martin Cauchon, has become the fifth star candidate to decide against running.

(Full article here)

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Steve V said...

Maybe they are referring to the cameo he did on "Corner Gas"?

Anonymous said...

With Dion and Coderre the only Quebec candidates, and 20 or more people from Ontario talking about running, how do you feel about Dion now, BCer?