Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cry babies on the right

It seems Gwyn Morgan’s feelings were hurt because the opposition parties had issues with his public statements, and didn’t bow and scrape and kiss his feet when he deigned to come before them on his way to heading Harper’s public appointments commission.

Look at the guy’s record; I can’t imagine why the opposition might have had a few questions. Boo hoo, Gwyn. From their conduct in this affair one thing is clear, and another Harper flip-flop is revealed: he can’t take a punch, and neither can Morgan.

The ironic thing is that it’s the Conservatives that supposedly want us to move more toward an American system, which has Congress review many of the major appointments by the executive branch. You think this committee hearing was political? Not by a long shot. Harper appointed a dud. The system worked.

Perhaps Gwyn Morgan and David Emerson can get together somewhere and have a big pity party. Those two are perfect for each other.

PM's rejected nominee deplores treatment
Opposition attacked personal character, Gwyn Morgan says
From Thursday's Globe and Mail

OTTAWA — There is no individual in Canada who would take an appointment that involves a public grilling by a Commons committee after the "vicious" treatment he received on Tuesday, Gwyn Morgan said yesterday.

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BW said...

Bang on, Jeff. Bang on.