Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ground control to LPC(O): It's the 21st Century calling

I'm in downtown Toronto with my laptop but I'm a few blocks from the convention hotel at a Starbucks, where I'm enjoying a grande hot chocolate and borrowing a WiFi connection from a local office tower (I think).

That's because there's no way for me to get on line at the convention itself. The Shearton Hotel charges a pretty penny for WiFi access, and there is nothing set up to allow delegates to get online. Or bloggers. There is a media room with Internet access, but I was told access to it by bloggers is verbotten.

It's the domino theory, you know. If we let one in then we loose Vietnam to the commies, then Cambodia, then Australia, and then the next thing you know the hammer and sickle is flying over the White House.

Anyway, my point is LPC(O), come into the 21st century and recognize bloggers as a legitimate part of the process. The ironic thing is that, as a working journalist, I could have easily flashed by business card and and secured media accreditation (and Web access), but I opted instead to pay $300 to be an observer, figuring the party could use the donation, and I'm on a patio down the street.

But blog on I shall. I've been typing away, and have a few posts to share before I head back down the street for more fun.

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