Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A night at Safeco

As mentioned I'm in Seattle for Microsoft's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WINHec). The conference officially gets underway Tuesday with a keynote with chairman Bill. Today was spend in a daylong look at some of the new features coming up in the new Windows Vista Operating system, which is still slated for enterprise availability toward the end of November and consumer availability in January.

Tonight, though, the good folks at Microsoft took the media to a Seattle Mariners game against Baltimore at Safeco Field. The overcast, drizzly Seattle weather cleared long enough to make for a perfect sunny night for baseball, with the roof open. It's just a beautiful ballpark, very much in the style of the new old style parks in San Francisco, Cleavland and Baltimore, among others. For sure a cut above Toronto, Oakland and the late Big Owe in Montreal, the other major league parks I've visited.

A few pics from my night at the ballpark follow.

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BW said...


Who is the Moose supporting in the leadership?

Jeff said...

The moose is American so I'm not sure he's a Liberal, and with his lack of vocal cords I couldn't ask...but, as I'm sure the moose is quite concerned about environtal issues, I'm sure Stephane Dion's commitment to the environment and adding a third pillar is appealing to him...:)

carmilevy said...

I definitely think you made the moose happy. It was a kick to be visited by the big furball.

I wonder what he (she?) thinks about Vista.